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Lexani LX-Nine Tires

  • Lexani LX-Nine Ultra High Performance All Season Passenger/SUV Tires
    Lexani LX-Nine Tires

Product Info

Lexani LX-Nine Tires

Ultra High Performance All Season Passenger/SUV Tires

Lexani gives you variety with the tires it produces and one such variety is the Lexani LX-Nine Tires. It has the same capabilities as the Lexani LX-9 and it is also designed for both passenger cars and SUVs. The difference is in the design. The Lexani LX-Nine tires feature a beautiful and seamless tread design that allows for ultra-high performance in all seasons. It has a wide and solid tire shoulder that enables you to handle corners more effectively in any conditions.

Lexani LX-Nine Tires are available in the following sizes:

  • 20" | 22" | 24" | 26"

Additional Info

The Lexani LX-Nine unidirectional tire offers excellent traction and enhanced performance in wet and dry conditions. The wide and solid tire shoulder provides outstanding cornering and riding stability! The unique noise minimizing tread block pattern utilizes wide, circumferential grooves that water away while providing excellent traction and grip.

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