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Nexen CP662 Tires

  • Nexen CP662 High Performance All Season Passenger Tires
    Nexen CP662 High Performance All Season Passenger Tires

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Nexen CP662 All Season Tires

Nexen CP662 All Season Tires

High Performance All Season Passenger Tires

Nexen CP662 Tires are your go to all season hi-performance passenger tires. You’ll notice the difference right away when driving with these tires installed on your vehicle. The ride is comfortable and offers great traction, braking and handling with reduced road noise. All thanks to the lateral and angle round groove design brought to you by the minds behind Nexen Tires. Wet weather driving is made safer due to straight wide grooves coupled with lateral grooves working together to resist hydroplaning and increase wet traction.

  • S, H and V Speed Rating
  • UTQG 440 A A


Nexen CP662 Tires come with the following warranty:

  • Mileage Warranty: N/A
  • Road Hazard: N/A
  • Road Side Assistance: 36 Months Free Tow & Tire Change

Additional Info

Drive at higher speeds with confidence with Nexen CP662 Tires. It offers great cornering and directional driving stability thanks to the upgraded shoulder and center rib block design. Have piece of mind when driving during the wet season, the tire’s straight wide grooves coupled together with lateral grooves create resistance to hydroplaning and increased traction on wet roads.

When you purchase Nexen CP662 Tires, you are protected with 36 months free towing and tire change services. That is quality that goes beyond production.

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