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Nexen N7000 Tires

  • Nexen N7000 All Season High Perfromance Tires
    Nexen N7000 All Season High Perfromance Tires

Product Info

Nexen N7000 All Season Tires

Nexen N7000 All Season Tires

Ultra High Performance All Season Tires

The Nexen N7000 Tires will take you anywhere comfortably and safely. These are all possible thanks to the genius minds behind the design and engineering of this tire. It features round block edges that produce comfortable riding with little pattern noise. Nexen N7000 All Season Tires have rigid shoulder blocks that enhance stability while driving. It allows you to hug tight corners ensuring your safety especially when driving on winding roads. The Nexen N7000 Tires are all season tires so you can use them both in wet and dry road conditions.

  • V, W and Y Speed Rated
  • UTQG 360 AA A


Nexen N7000 Tires come with the following warranty:

  • Mileage Warranty: 40,000 mi
  • Road Hazard: 16,000 mi
  • Road Side Assistance: 36 Months Free Tow & Tire Change

Additional Info

Nexen N7000 Tires feature a kerf design together with a silica content aimed to give you more confidence driving in wet and dry conditions. The wide straight grooves allow for water drainage, which prevents hydroplaning. It’s all about your safety and comfort with the Nexen N7000 Tires. Going on long drives, whatever the road conditions, Nexen tires will get you to your destination comfortably and confidently.

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