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Forgiato Tec 3.2 Wheels

  • Forgiato Tec 3.2 Wheels
    Forgiato Tec 3.2 Wheels | Tecnica-3 Forging | Custom Finish

Product Info

Forgiato Tec 3.2 Wheels

Forgiato Tecnica (Performance) Series

Available Finishes

  • Brushed
  • Chrome
  • Custom

Forging: Tecnica-3

Forgiato Tecnica 3 Forging

Forgiato Tec 3.2 Wheels are available in the following sizes

  • 24"

Additional Info

Forgiato Tecnica series is a revolutionary new line of performance wheels based on evolutionary technology. With a combined center disc and outer lip mated to a spun forged inner rim. This 2 piece construction offers the strength and rigidity of a monoblock wheel with the fitment flexibility of a multi-piece wheel. Forgiato Wheels proprietary forgings offer unique concave profiles, while their state of the art CNC lathes and mills allow unprecedented machining capabilities, creating a deep concave spoke combined with a smooth, continuous lip.

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