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HRE 454 Wheels

  • HRE 454 Satin Brushed Silver Face with Polished Lip Finish Wheels
    HRE 454 Wheels | 3-Piece Forged | Brushed Silver Face with Polished Lip Finish

Product Info

HRE 454 Vintage Wheels - Forged 3-Piece

Vintage Series

Product Specs

  • Modular 3-Piece
  • Vintage Italian styled 5 hole designed for modern sports cars
  • Aerospace-grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum for high strength-to-weight ratio
  • ARP high strength stainless-steel fasteners. Ti hardware optional
  • Backpad pocketing is standard to minimize unsprung mass and rotational inertia for maximum performance and handling
  • CNC machined to custom specifications for your specific application
  • OE TPMS and lug hardware compatible for ease of installation

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HRE 454 Vintage Wheels are available in the following sizes

  • 18" | 19" | 20" | 21" | 22"

Additional Info

HRE 454 Vintage Series Wheels are part of HRE Wheels Street Collection. HRE 454 Wheels are 3 Piece Forged wheels from HRE Wheels Vintage Series collection. Each HRE Street Collection wheel combines the technical expertise from their championship-winning racing wheels with an uncompromised attention to detail creating the ultimate in lightweight, high-strength performance forged wheels. Each model in HRE Wheels Street Collection of custom wheels is designed specifically for supercars, sports GTs and performance sedans and come in sizes 18"-22". HRE 454 Vintage Series Wheels are available in many unique custom finishes and various bolt patterns.

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