#40sNOLIFT Ford F350 Super Duty on 24in Grid Off-Road GF7 Wheels

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#40sNOLIFT Ford F350 Super Duty on 24in Grid Off-Road GF7 Wheels

Ford F350 Super Duty With 24in Grid Off Road Gf7 Wheels And Toyo Open Country Mt Tires With 40s No Lift Kit 32

Fab Fours is well known for coming up with some of the most radical out-the-box designs for some of the most popular off-road applications on the street! The 40's No Lift is no exception to that rule. An absolute insane application which made its debut at SEMA in 2015 is now hitting the streets and hitting it hard!

We first had experience with Fab Fours radical designs when we built our custom Grumper Jeep Wrangler last year. After the experience and the ease of install with Fab Fours products, we knew this design would take off. The system is built around the Open Fender System designed by Fab Fours in which allows us to install a set of monster 24in Grid Off-Road Wheels and 40in Toyo Open Country MT tires without having to lift the truck only installing a simple level kit. Besides having to shape the fenders to fit the Open fender System, there really is no cutting or shaping of any of the vehicles factory parts to make this Open Fender system work. As you can see, the results are that of a totally menacing truck that's bound to terrorize the streets with its mean aggressive look!

Fab Fours 40s No Lift Open Fender System features:

  • Ability to run 40" tires with only a Leveling Kit
  • Leveling Kit Included
  • Aggressive Stance
  • Maintain Smoother Factory Ride
  • Maintain ease of hauling eliminating the need for a dropdown trailer hitch
  • No Rubbing
  • Inner Fender Included
  • Keeps Geometry Low and Wide for optimal safety and handling
  • 100% Tested-Full Range of Articulation/Flexing
  • Retain the ability to easily get in and out of the vehicle

Additional Vehicle features:

  • 3in 4 Link Lift with Fox Coil Overs
  • 480-650HP Adjustable Power Package
  • OUO Traction Bars
  • Braided Brake Lines
  • One Off Headlights that include: Demon Eyes, Gold Accents and PTM
  • Rigid Light Bars
  • Accent Lighting
  • Bed Rug System
  • Custom Fit Electric Tonneau
  • Stealth Paint Protection

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