Edition 1 Mercedes AMG GT63s on Rotiform OZR Wheels is worth the wait and more

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Edition 1 Mercedes AMG GT63s on Rotiform OZR Wheels is worth the wait and more

Mercedes Gt63 S With 22in Rotiform Ozr Wheels And Continental Tires 23

We bring you yet another Mercedes AMG GT63s Edition 1. Dripping in good looks and squeezing out every ounce of performance - Bruce Wayne would be proud to drive this stealth machine. This specific 4 Door AMG comes blacked out and has every box on the options list ticked off.

What sets this GT63s apart you ask? Well...This Edition 1 Mercedes AMG GT63s features a plethora of RENNtech enhancements to its already impressive V8 Bi turbo. Including a RENNtech M177 tune, EVM, high flow catted downpipes, and blow-off valves which all equal more power! How much power? Try about 850 horsepower! The Edition 1 also features an upgraded front splitter and upgraded diffuser, as well as an adjustable rear wing for added performance.

Here at Butler Tire, we make certain the stance of every vehicle we work on is impeccable. We utilized the RENNtech lowering module which allows us to find and set the perfect height for this Mercedes to ride at without compromising ride comfort or performance output. Wrapped in Continental SportContact 6 Tires: the most remarkable feature on this car are the black 22-inch Rotiform OZR wheels which complement the exclusive matte paintwork and Edition 1 specific matte gray stripes wonderfully.

Vehicle Owner: Craig Dobs (IG)
Photographer: Ryan Aberg AKA @hyprpwr (IG)

For more information, pricing and availability on this build contact us at: 770-428-8473 or online.

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