Edition One Mercedes GT63 S AMG featuring Vossen S21-01 3 Piece Wheels

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Edition One Mercedes GT63 S AMG featuring Vossen S21-01 3 Piece Wheels

Mercedes Gt63 S With 22in Vossen S21 01 Wheels And Continental Tires 44

Have you ever found yourself staring at a car, even one not yours? Every line just showcased perfectly by the sun shining down on it, trying to find something wrong with it, but deep down inside - you know everything is perfect with the car. Enter this 2019 Edition One Mercedes GT63 S featuring custom Vossen Forged Wheels. During this photoshoot, we found ourselves taking a moment just to admire the sheer beauty of this vehicle. Trust us - perfection was stated more than once!

The new Mercedes GT63s has received rave reviews blending speed, performance, handling, style and luxury with all the usual Mercedes traits mixed in. The Edition One is an even more rare launch car with its matte paint and subtle stripes differentiating it from its normal counterpart. We decided to keep with the subtle theme by keeping most of the chrome OEM trim, sans the blacked out side badges. Llumar window tint keeps the heat out while clear film protects the entire vehicle - front to back - from rock chips and daily driving hazards.

With the vehicle dawning this amazing OEM matte color, owning a vehicle with this paint finish does pose some challenges. The matte paint cannot be washed like a normal vehicle and if you happen to damage the paint - that's a whole other story. Clear Film is an absolute must in order to protect the OEM matte paint as it applies a thin clear film over the entire vehicles painted surface that if anything should happen, its just a matter of peeling off the damaged film and replacing it with a new piece. A much more cost effective way of protecting your vehicle or dealing with daily driving damage that may occur like rock chips and door dings. The clear film also allows you to wash the vehicle like you would a typically painted vehicle. Once we made sure the vehicle was protected with clear film, we then begun to apply more magic!

The biggest change was the new 22in Vossen Forged S21-01 3 piece wheels finished in and absolutely amazing brushed and polished with light smoke finish. The face of these Vossen S21-01 3 Piece Wheels is hand brushed with a light smoke finish and features a deep polished step lip matching the AMG's OEM chrome trim. The finished product simply looks like it was made for this GT63s AMG. To protect the wheel and make sure this Mercedes performs as it was designed - Continental Contisport Contact 6 Tires were chosen.

If you know us, you know we're obsessed with making sure the stance of every vehicle we work on is absolutely perfect and this vehicle is no different. To accomplish the perfect stance a RENNtech Lowering Module was used which allowed us to dial in the ride height using their software and the lowering module. Using the RENNtech module allows the vehicle to have a lowered stance while still maintaining the performance, ride quality and functionality settings the factory intended it to have.

Next up: MORE POWER!!! This beast makes 630hp stock with 664lbs of torque but that was increased to close to 850hp with the use of RENNtech's M177 engine tune and high flow catted downpipes. To say this vehicle will move your facial skin under full throttle is an understatement! The power and torque is an absolutely amazing feeling! Finally, BMC air filters offer more air flow to that 4.0 Bi-Turbo engine.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather or a better vibe on a Sunday evening while shooting this vehicle and when you stare at a beautiful AMG like this one, it just doesn’t feel like work. Contact Butler Tire to personalize your Mercedes-Benz and “Butlerize” your car!

Vehicle Owner: Craig Dobs (IG)
Photographer: Ryan Aberg AKA @hyprpwr (IG)

For more information, pricing and availability on this build contact us at: 770-428-8473 or online.

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