From Stock to Stunning - Jeep Rubicon 392 with Custom Performance Upgrades

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From Stock to Stunning - Jeep Rubicon 392 with Custom Performance Upgrades

Jeep Rubicon 392 With Fuel Flame Wheels And Nitto Recon Grappler Tires 1

At Butler Tires and Wheels, we specialize in luxury and high-performance vehicles, but we're always up for a challenge, especially when it comes to building off-road vehicles. Recently, we had the pleasure of working on a Jeep Rubicon 392 and making several upgrades to take it to the next level. In this post, we'll share the different upgrades we made to this already impressive vehicle, including the wheels, tires, suspension, and lighting.

22in Fuel Flame Wheels:

The first upgrade we made to the Jeep Rubicon 392 was to replace the stock wheels with 22in Fuel Flame wheels in a platinum bronze finish. These wheels not only gave the Jeep a unique and eye-catching look, but they also improved stability and handling, and provided additional ground clearance when driving off-road.

35in Nitto Recon Grappler Tires

To complement the new wheels, we upgraded to 35in Nitto Recon Grappler tires. These tires are designed for off-road use and offer exceptional traction, durability, and ride comfort. They can handle even the toughest terrain, making them an ideal choice for adventurous Jeep owners.

Fox Suspension:

To further enhance the Jeep's off-road capabilities, we installed a Fox suspension system. This system is well-known in the off-road community for its superior performance and ability to handle extreme conditions. With this new suspension system, the Jeep can handle rough terrain more easily, giving the driver better control and making the ride more comfortable for passengers.

Morimoto Lighting Upgrade:

Finally, we partnered with our friends at Morimoto Lighting to upgrade the headlights and add their 4-banger light pods to the Jeep Rubicon 392. The Morimoto headlights are brighter and more efficient than the standard Jeep lights, making them ideal for off-road driving in low-light conditions. They also add a unique look to the Jeep, giving it a more aggressive and adventurous appearance. The 4-banger light pods are small, compact lights that can be mounted anywhere on the Jeep, providing additional lighting options when driving off-road at night.

At Butler Tires and Wheels, we take pride in our expertise and ability to make vehicles stand out from the crowd. The Jeep Rubicon 392 is already an impressive off-road vehicle, but with our upgrades, it's even more capable and distinctive. Whether you're looking to enhance the performance of your luxury or high-performance vehicle or build an off-road machine, we have the expertise and knowledge to make it happen. Visit us today to see how we can help take your vehicle to the next level.

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