Pruvit Edition McLaren 720s Treated Right on Vossen M-X6 Wheels

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Pruvit Edition McLaren 720s Treated Right on Vossen M-X6 Wheels

Mc Laren 720s With 2021in Vossen M X6 Wheels And Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S Tires And Novitec Lowering With Fab Speed Exhaust 1

As soon as you see this Pruvit Edition McLaren 720S, you know it has the "Butler" touch! How do you take an already incredible exotic car and make it more exotic? You fit the world’s first set of Vossen Forged M-X6 wheels on it! Being one of the largest Vossen Forged dealers in the world we knew this McLaren 720S deserved something special. Measuring 20x9 in front and 21x12 in the rear, this McLaren now has the stance to fit its exotic looks. We also matched the very different pentagon shaped Vossen “crown” center-caps in the same blue as this unique McLaren color.

To complete the look we also added a set of Novitec Springs, which allowed us to lower the ride height without sacrificing the ride quality. Sticky Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires were added to ensure the best possible performance and handling. Finally, a custom FabSpeed Exhaust was added to give this Pruvit Edition McLaren growl it surely deserved!

We debuted this blue build at our first “Butler BLVD” showing at Caffeine & Octane in partnership with Michelin Tires. Parked front and center, we without a doubt stole the show that Sunday morning. It was nearly impossible to get a picture with the huge crowds around this beautiful McLaren.

For more information, pricing and availability on this build contact us at: 770-428-8473 or online.

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