The Hottest Lamborghini Urus on Custom Wheels Around?

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The Hottest Lamborghini Urus on Custom Wheels Around?

Lamborghini Urus With 24in Ag Luxury F538 Wheels And Vredestein Tires 39   Cover

The new Lamborghini Urus has taken the world by storm as the world’s first “Super Sport” SUV. Blending futuristic Lamborghini looks and power with the raised ride height and space of a SUV, it's the new daily driver for the esteemed. It also seems to be the choice for those that want to immediately modify their car and they know they can trust Butler Tire with making their vehicle truly special.

Now featuring 24” AG Luxury AF538 wheels, the Urus now sits proper on the upgraded wheel and Vredestein Tire package. The finish of these AG Luxury Wheels is simply spectacular and turns heads everywhere it goes. We then lowered the vehicle to give it a much more aggressive look and stance. Custom Body Paint by Driven Collision further separates this Urus from the rest. Finally we had the twin turbo V-8 tuned to now make over 800 horsepower with the first Fi Exhaust in the USA added to give it the amazing soundtrack is deserves.

We had the opportunity to take this vehicle to some of our local Atlanta shows and it stunned the crowds in attendance. It's one of our favorites thus far in 2019. This is the true definition of "Unleashing Your Vehicle's True Potential".

For more information, pricing and availability on this build contact us at: 770-428-8473 or online.

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