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Pirelli Scorpion STR All Season SUV/Light Truck Touring Tires

Ideal balance for on road and moderate off road use.

All-season safety with enhanced ride comfort, low noise level and high mileage.


The Scorpion STR tires come in two tread designs, STR and STRA. These new products are Pirelli’s premium highway tires developed to meet the increasing demands of SUVs, light-duty pickup trucks, and crossover vehicles. These all-season tires deliver Stability, Traction, and Ratings (STR), giving drivers a quiet and comfortable ride in various kinds of road conditions, even in light snow.

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Comfort, high mileage and regular tread wear are attributes that meet the high standards required by vehicle manufacturers for original equipment products. The ideal choice for SUVs, off road vehicles and light trucks.

Within the Scorpion STR and STRA tires are twin, high-tensile steel belts fortified with polyamide for durability and robustness. The Scorpion STRA tire features a continuous shoulder rib and independent tread blocks with narrower grooves, a North American tread pattern for an even-wearing tire. On the other hand, the Scorpion STR tire’s tread compound is molded into a symmetrical design with a European pattern. The tread features larger grooves between the independent tread blocks and lateral grooves in the shoulder ribs, giving the STR round shoulder blocks with an open tread design.

The Pirelli Scorpion STR combines the strength traditionally associated with Pirelli’s on road performance.

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