Pirelli celebrates a century of sporting success but still welcomes the challenge of the open road. Since the launch of the Cinturato model in 1951, Pirelli has played a major role in Formula 1 tire history. From Pirelli’s beginnings, the brand has continuously provided ground-breaking technological solutions for the daily problems encountered on the road.

The interactive development process Pirelli mastered for motorsport is also utilized to respond to the growing, diverse demands of the Original Equipment (OEM) division. Pirelli’s most advanced tire design and manufacturing system, the MIRS Technology production process, provides first-class performances for a wide variety of vehicles.

For Team Pirelli, the challenge is all about control, safety, and performance. With the Pirelli Formula, drivers can experience world-class handling, improved fuel efficiency, and greater ride comfort. Tension Control Technology, Eco-friendly Green Performance, Pirelli Noise Cancelling System, Max Performance - these are just some of the game-changing tire technology that Pirelli brings to the table.


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